April 7 was a big day for Meizu, a China based cell phone manufacturer, M3 Note formally get launched, as well as its first metallic wireless earbud – EP51.

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Meizu EP51 is come with a black/red mixed packaging, just like the style of Beats. Beats is well known by their black/red color, even though the designer is prefer colorful trend, black/red is always their first choice when there is a new product get launched. Besides, black/red is kind of sport sense, it is a smart choice for Meizu to position it as sport earbud with this color, and the half-transparent packaging makes the earphone can be viewed without unpack.

We can read some  abstract of product inspection from the rear of packaging: EP51 support bluetooth 4.0 , CST8645 chip, speaker diameter 8.6mm, battery last 6 hours, full charge 1.5-2 hours.


Insider part is drawer type design, pull out the red inner layer and the earphone show up.


Extra 3 pairs of silicone adapter and one bag, good though. Wireless earphone usually has less accessories since the connection method is wireless, but 3 pairs of earbud adapter is sweet and the bag has good workmanship. It would be perfect if the Meizu logo can be little bigger.

Meizu did paid effort on this EP51 wireless earphone, even the small bag with a model name.



Earphone top cover is made of metal, feels solid, much bigger than a wired earphone, and connected by a red wire and a remote.



Meizi logo is designed with cycle texture, it has magnet ingredient, left and right ear can be adsorbed to each other.


EP51 earbud adapters are made of silicone, designed based on ergonomic technique, get better wear and more comfort.


We can see the EP51 earphone strainer after remove the silicone adapter.


Remote has a microphone and volume buttons. volume buttons can control the voice, pick up phone call and hand of it.


Charge port also hide in remote.

EP51 support iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. The remote can be convenience to choose and play music, pick up phone call and so forth. You may not quite comfortable by the big size silicone adapter, there are smaller size as options in the packaging, or you can adjust the wearing angle. the big size of the silicone adapter makes it stable in your ear when you are on sport, in another view.

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Except beautiful design, solid metallic top cover, EP51 has all basic function as a wireless earphone, such as music demand and phone call function, easy use and sport look. But it is still a earphone, the voice quality is a very important feature and a main factor to customer to make decision if worth to reserve it.

We tested the EP51 with Meizu Pro 5, The Hifi didn’t get active in this circumstance. In the voice style, EP51 has obviously trendence of human voice and mid bass. The voice of it is durable and soft for regular users. But it is not only focus on low bass, it is kind of low bass mixed with mid bass, it has good performance compared with other wireless earphone. Human voice is kind of gent, get good express of male voice, kind of like HD50, another headphone from Meizu.

From HD50 to EP51, Meizu shows its effort and promising in earphone area, excited to see what gonna carry by Meizu in next.

If you are looking for a good looking sport wireless earphone, Meizu EP51 is a good option.

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