Not Only Mi 5 ? What’s More?

Not Only Mi 5 ? What’s More?



Finally, the rumor get confirmed by Xiaomi co-founder and now by Global VP Hugo Barra and India Head Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi’s second launch for 2016 will be the Xiaomi Mi 5 and that’s happening on February 24.

In the new product launch promotion pictures, a slogan ‘everything you imagined, and more’ is meaningful. Not only the slogan, but also the 2-hour long presentation hints Xiaomi Mi 5 is not the only new product in this event.


There are rumors about Xiaomi drone spreads on August, 2015. According to the recently published patent documents from the Chinese Intellectual Property Office, the Xiaomi drone in development could be controlled via a wearing device(could be New Mi band). For example, in the images revealed by the office, it looks like the user is able to make gestures to control the various functions of the drone.

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What corresponding this rumor is one of Xiaomi manager post a Xiaomi Drone model on Weibo(a popular social media in China). So we can predict Xiaomi New Drone can be the most possible new products besides Mi 5.