Top 4 New Technique Products on 2016

Top 4 New Technique Products on 2016


We would like to make a short look back for new products released on the first half month of 2016.

  • Xiaomi Redmi 3    s_d9c1df1ad01345448320da63f5d3ec67

Xiaomi launch Redmi 3 on Jan 11. With a 5-inch 1280×720 resolution display, Snapdragon 616 processor, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, External Micro-SD max support 128GB, Front 5MP+Rear 13MP Camera, 4100 mAh super battery, price ¥699.

  • Glasses-Free 3D Cellphone FocalmaxCgELJFaSaXCAadDdAABvMnp9Nqg70


Front&Rear goes with 2.5D glass, metal frame, 5.5 inch 2K display, support 3rd generation 3D display technology of liquid crystal piezoelectric grating which impressed enhance the resolution and brightness. MaxPhone T1 get impressive features as the first phone of Focalmax. Rear cover also involved with fingerprint sensor. The 8MP 3D rear camera also support shooting 3D pictures and 3D videos which can be viewed without 3D glasses. The estimate release time May,2016 and price around $500.

  • Tipron RobotIMG_9302.0


Japan smart device manufacture Cerevo launched a robot called Tipron days ago, it is gathering eyes by the feature of automatic transforming projector which differ from regular home service robots.

The height is only 1.5 inch after folded. it is able to project a 80-Inch  picture with 720P resolutioin after unfold. With the mini size, it can works on any room, projects on any wall. A inner speaker, HDMI multimedia port and 5MP camera helps it perform well.  it can be operate by APP to arrive give position, built-in sensor prevents it run into any objects. You can read news, twitter and watch youtube through it once it connect with WI-FI. It may release on April or May,2016 on Euros, America and Japan, price is from $1000-$2000.

  • Goluk T15699d00d79e62

T1 is the 3rd products on Goluk, it launched on Jan 14. T1 actually is the 2.0 version based on previous products. As a road vehicle traveling data recorder, the most impressive feature is T1 not only a simple recorder in car, but also a action camera to shooting scenic outside of cars. it comes with a extending bracket which support lot of sport scene like  bicycle, motorcycle and skiing.

if you need operate it like a Gopro, just pick the tube shaped recorder out of your car and install it on the extending bracket. There is a 1200 mAh battery can last your record 90 minutes. The detail operation is much like Gopro or other action cameras. You also can use your phone to connect with T1 and share the contents to social medias.